NDP Steering Group

In September 2018 the Parish Council formed a steering group to produce the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The steering group’s role is to ensure that the community is fully involved and at the heart of every stage of creating the plan. It also ensures that the statutory process is complied with. This involvement has been the key focus of phase one.

The first task undertaken by the group was awareness raising of the purpose of the plan, followed by understanding the key concerns of our residents. The next stage of engagement was to work with the community to determine what we needed to protect, adapt and transform. These stages built on each other and the final product was a set of priority objectives. Working in this way has enabled the steering group to undertake analysis and gather evidence which will underpin the plan.

There is rigorous governance in place working to the following principles;

  1. That the Steering Group will undertake the process in a democratic, transparent and fair fashion, encouraging widespread participation and giving equal consideration to opinions and ideas from all members of the community

  2. All decisions made shall be fully evidenced and supported through consultation with the local community.

  3. At the end of the process everyone in the Parish will have the opportunity to vote on the adoption of the proposed plan. The overarching vision for this model of NDP development was to encourage place making; creating a sense of belonging, ownership and shared purpose – community cohesion.